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In this paper, we present a new variational formulation of geometric snake for image segmentation. Our formulation includes an internal energy term that penalizes the deviation of the level set function from a signed distance function and stopping term related to a particular segmentation of the image instead of gradient. They force the level set function(More)
Using a cDNA microarray 12 differentially expressed genes were identified in a multidrug resistant (MDR) cell line K562/A02. The differential expression of sorcin, which was one of the 12 genes, has been confirmed by Northern blot. To determine the clinical role of sorcin, we have measured its expression in leukemic blast cells of 65 acute myeloid leukemia(More)
BACKGROUND AIMS Since human embryonic stem cells and human fetal neural stem cells have immune rejection and ethical issues, recent advancements in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) provide new possibilities to study autologous cell therapy for Parkinson's disease (PD). METHODS We isolated human skin fibroblasts from normal individuals and(More)
Formation of facultative heterochromatin at specific genomic loci is fundamentally important in defining cellular properties such as differentiation potential and responsiveness to developmental, physiological, and environmental stimuli. By the nature of their formation, heterochromatin and repressive histone marks propagate until the chain reaction is(More)
An improved generalized gradient vector force for active contour model, named IGGVF is presented in this paper. For the diffusion of GGVF force field virtually depends on Laplace operation and it can be decomposed in the tangent and normal directions and the diffusion in the normal direction plays the major role while the tangent direction has little(More)
Controlled transfer of orbital angular momentum to an exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensate spontaneously created under incoherent, off resonant excitation conditions is a long-standing challenge in the field of microcavity polaritonics. We demonstrate, experimentally and theoretically, a simple and efficient approach to the generation of nontrivial(More)
hSETD1A is a member of the trithorax (TrxG) family of histone methyltransferases (HMT) that methylate H3K4 at promoters of active genes. Although misregulation of mixed lineage leukemia (MLL) family proteins has been associated with acute leukemia, the role of hSETD1A in cancer remains unknown. In this study, we report that hSETD1A and its associated(More)