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In this paper, we present a new variational formulation of geometric snake for image segmentation. Our formulation includes an internal energy term that penalizes the deviation of the level set function from a signed distance function and stopping term related to a particular segmentation of the image instead of gradient. They force the level set function(More)
BACKGROUND To understand the involvement of structural maintenance of chromosome 4 (SMC4) in the development and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS Real-time quantitative PCR and Western Blotting were applied to measure the expression of SMC4 in HCC samples and cell lines. The tumor-promoting effect of SMC4 was determined by WST-1,(More)
There exist generally low fidelity, function insufficiency, deficient effect etc to the existing substation training simulator. We present a novel full-functional virtual simulation training system of substation by means of three-dimension virtual simulation technology, database technology. During the course of realizing numerous training cases, DOF,(More)
High Level Architecture (HLA) conduces to the integration of different models to form a complicated distributed simulation system. However, there exist some limitations in HLA-based simulation application in some aspects. In the paper, aiming at resolving these problems, we focus on the study of introducing Web services in HLA-based simulation application(More)
Although a number of finite element (FE) adult cervical spine models have been developed to understand the injury mechanisms of the neck in automotive related crash scenarios, there have been fewer efforts to develop a child neck model. In this study, a 10-year-old ligamentous cervical spine FE model was developed for application in the improvement of(More)