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Combined algebraic and truncated differential cryptanalysis on reduced-round SIMON
Surprisingly, no key guessing is required if pairs which satisfy a strong truncated differential property are available and this reflects the power of combining truncated differentials with algebraic attacks in ciphers of low non-linearity and shows that such cipher require a large number of rounds to be secure. Expand
Contradiction Immunity and Guess-Then-Determine Attacks on Gost
ABSTRACT GOST is a well-known government standard cipher. Since 2011 several academic attacks on GOST have been found. Most of these attacks start by a so called “Complexity Reduction” step [CourtoisExpand
Speed Optimizations in Bitcoin Key Recovery Attacks
This implementation improves the state of the art by a factor of 2.5 with a focus on the cases, where side channel attacks are not a concern and a large quantity of RAM is available, and is able to scan the Bitcoin blockchain for weak keys faster than any previous implementation. Expand
Can GOST Be Made Secure Against Differential Cryptanalysis?
It appears that the choice of S-boxes has a limited effect on the actual security of GOST against advanced differential attacks, and there is no evidence that the version of GoST submitted to ISO in 2011 is stronger than any previous version ofGOST. Expand
Advanced Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SIMON64/128 Using Large-Round Statistical Distinguishers
This paper studies the security of the 64-bit SIMON with 128-bit key against advanced forms of differential cryptanalysis using truncated differentials, and provides a framework for extending distinguishers to attacks to a larger number of rounds assuming truncated differential properties of relatively high probability were discovered. Expand
Predicting Outcomes of ElimLin Attack on Lightweight Block Cipher Simon
It is argued that one CAN predict and model the behavior of such attacks and evaluate complexity of the attacks which the authors cannot yet execute and this has never been done before. Expand
Optimization and guess-then-solve attacks in cryptanalysis
This thesis explores different optimizations to make solving algebraic cryptanalysis problems easier, and proposes two new security metrics of contradiction immunity and SAT immunity applicable to any cipher. Expand