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In the wireless sensor networks, prolonging network lifetime is an important aim. Unbalanced energy consumption influences the network lifetime greatly. First this study proposes probability based energy balancing algorithms. A hybrid transmission mechanism is introduced. The sensor node forwards data either by one-hop direct transmission or by multiple(More)
An optimum transmission range is presented to prolong the network lifetime for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UASNs). This study is based on the different definitions of the network lifetime and the character of underwater acoustic sensor. The formulation of the optimum transmission range is proposed by the tradeoff between minimizing the energy(More)
The severe energy constraints of sensors and the unique characteristics of underwater sensor networks (UWSNs) present major challenges for the long-term monitoring applications. This paper proposes two novel adaptive transmission algorithms for UWSNs to prolong lifetime. When a message becomes available for propagation at a node, the node will propagate(More)
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