Guangxu Cheng

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Prediction of syngas compositions, the most important parameter in determining the product's grade and quality control of raw syngas produced in coal gasification process, was studied. A neural estimator model based on improved dynamic principal component analysis (DPCA) and multiple neural networks (MNN) was proposed to infer the syngas compositions from(More)
An analytical model based on modal series expansion method for calculating transmission loss (TL) of compressor’s mufflers has been present in this paper. The approximately averaged pressure response value, obtained by calculating the weighted average pressure response value in the vicinity of the point source, is applied to derive the pressure response(More)
Components with multiple failure modes may encounter imperfect preventive maintenance triggered by inspections during their two-stage failure. Employing delaytime concepts and accumulative age, a new imperfect-maintenance model for these components is presented under the assumptions that failure modes are independent of each other and all kinds of defects(More)
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