Guangxia Xu

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The priority scheduling algorithm briefly describes inter-node data transmission of the body area networks which based on L-MAC protocol in wireless sensor networks, and it proposes to transfer emergent data prior by using a scheduling algorithm which based on dealing with emergent data prior and sending emergent data prior. Applying this method can improve(More)
In order to meet the requirements of standardization of virtualization in cloud computing platform, improve the flexibility and expansibility of the system and enhance the capability of management-control of the platform, by means of introducing the features of decoupling and semantic of metadata, a Metadata-driven Cloud Computing Application Virtualization(More)
A wireless body sensor network (WBSN) is a typically wearable wireless network deployed on a user’ body, which consists of biosensors and a local personal wireless hub, which we commonly call wireless body sensor network controller (WBSNC). The sensitive micro data (SMD) of WBSN users is collected by biosensors and forwarded to the WBSNC before it is(More)
This paper is concerned the robust stability analysis problem for genetic regulatory networks with time-varying delays. By utilizing a Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, we show that the addressed genetic regulatory networks are robustly, asymptotically stable if a convex optimization problem is feasible. A stability criterion is derived and formulated by(More)
A social spammer detection model based on tri-training (SSDTT) is adopted. The main procedure of the work is: First, train three original classifiers with a small amount of labeled data. Then, select confident users that are labeled for a classifier if the other two classifiers agree on the labeling as new training data. Afterwards, repeat these steps until(More)
Personal privacy has been realized as the most important security issue in wireless sensor networks. While there are much researches on privacy information protection, most of them shared the same condition that the sensing action happened anywhere at any time and few of them tackle the problem in the body sensor network (BSN). To address the problem, this(More)