Guangwei Fan

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Rickettsia typhi, the causative agent of murine typhus, is an obligate intracellular bacterium with a life cycle involving both vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. Here we present the complete genome sequence of R. typhi (1,111,496 bp) and compare it to the two published rickettsial genome sequences: R. prowazekii and R. conorii. We identified 877 genes in(More)
O1 The metabolomics approach to autism: identification of biomarkers for early detection of autism spectrum disorder A. K. Srivastava, Y. Wang, R. Huang, C. Skinner, T. Thompson, L. Pollard, T. Wood, F. Luo, R. Stevenson O2 Phenome-wide association study for smoking- and drinking-associated genes in 26,394 American women with African, Asian, European, and(More)
Hot deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of 2707 hyper duplex stainless steel (HDSS) were investigated through hot compression tests in the temperature range of 900–1250 • C and strain rate range of 0.01–10 s −1. The results showed that the flow behavior strongly depended on strain rate and temperature, and flow stress increased with increasing(More)
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