Guangtian Zhu

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This paper studies the asymptotic stability of a repairable system with repair time of failed system that follows arbitrary distribution. We show that the system operator generates a positive C0-semigroup of contraction in a Banach space, therefore there exists a unique, nonnegative, and time-dependant solution. By analyzing the spectrum of system operator,(More)
We develop a mathematical model for the disease which can be transmitted via vector and through blood transfusion in host population. The host population is structured by the chronological age. We assume that the instantaneous death and infection rates depend on the age. Applying semigroup theory and so forth, we investigate the existence of equilibria. We(More)
In this paper, we develop an HIV model that considers the dependence of HIV/AIDS progress on infection age (duration since infection), chronological age and impulsive antiretroviral treatment. The analytical results show that there exists a globally asymptotically stable infection-free state when the impulsive period T and drug-treatment proportion p(More)
RDF (Resource Description Framework) data are more and more prevalent in the applications of semantic web and web data publication. The search over Web scale RDF data is essential for users to retrieve desired information from the huge RDF datasets, which typically applied as knowledge bases supporting many advanced information seeking tasks. In this paper,(More)
Exact controllability of singular distributed parameter control system is discussed via functional analysis and the theory of generalized operator semi-group in Hilbert space. Necessary and sufficient conditions concerning the exact controllability are given. Relations between exact controllability and stability of singular distributed parameter system are(More)
A repairable computer system model which consists of hardware and software in series is established in this paper. This study is devoted to discussing the unique existence of the solution and the stability of the studied system. In view of c 0 semigroup theory, we prove the existence of a unique nonnegative solution of the system. Then by analyzing the(More)
We develop an age-structured epidemicmodel for malaria with impulsive effect, and consider the effect of blood transfusion and infected-vector transmission. Transmission rates depend on age. We derive the condition in which eradication solution is locally asymptotically stable. The condition shows that large enough pulse reducing proportion and relatively(More)