Guangtao Zhou

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Strapdown inertial navigation systems (INS) need an alignment process to determine the initial attitude matrix between the body frame and the navigation frame. The conventional alignment process is to compute the initial attitude matrix using the gravity and Earth rotational rate measurements. However, under mooring conditions, the inertial measurement unit(More)
Gravity matching navigation algorithm is one of the key technologies for gravity aided inertial navigation systems. With the development of intelligent algorithms, the powerful search ability of the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm makes it possible to be applied to the gravity matching navigation field. However, existing search mechanisms of basic ABC(More)
This work reports the lessening of optical signal distortion due to group velocity dispersion by incorporating the optical phase conjugation (OPC) scheme in order to meet the requirement of high speed signals with better performance. The work reports a comparative discussion of with-and without-incorporating OPC at varied values of its efficiency based on(More)
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