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A simple, universal colorimetric assay for endonuclease/methyltransferase activity and inhibition based on an enzyme-responsive nanoparticle system.
An enzyme responsive nanoparticle system that uses a DNA-gold nanoparticle (AuNP) assembly as the substrate has been developed for the simple, sensitive, and universal monitoring of restrictionExpand
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EF-G catalyzes tRNA translocation by disrupting interactions between decoding center and codon–anticodon duplex
During translation, elongation factor G (EF-G) catalyzes the translocation of tRNA2–mRNA inside the ribosome. Translocation is coupled to a cycle of conformational rearrangements of the ribosomalExpand
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EF4 disengages the peptidyl-tRNA CCA end and facilitates back-translocation on the 70S ribosome
  • D. Zhang, K. Yan, +9 authors Y. Qin
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Structural &Molecular Biology
  • 1 February 2016
EF4 catalyzes tRNA back-translocation through an unknown mechanism. We report cryo-EM structures of Escherichia coli EF4 in post- and pretranslocational ribosomes (Post– and Pre–EF4) at 3.7- andExpand
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Molecular recognition of nucleic acids: Coralyne binds strongly to poly(A)
The small molecule coralyne was found to bind preferentially and strongly to single‐stranded poly(A) with an apparent association constant (K a) of (1.8 ± 0.3) × 106 M−1. Binding of coralyne toExpand
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Argonaute Facilitates the Lateral Diffusion of the Guide along Its Target and Prevents the Guide from Being Pushed Away by the Ribosome.
Argonaute (AGO) proteins play central roles in nucleic acid-guided interference that regulates gene expression and defend against foreign genetic elements in all life. Although much progress has beenExpand
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Recognition and regulation of unique nucleic acid structures by small molecules.
DNA and RNA are both polymorphic. Depending on the sequences and environmental conditions, they could exist in a variety of secondary structures that play key roles in many biological processes.Expand
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A simple and sensitive colorimetric pH meter based on DNA conformational switch and gold nanoparticle aggregation.
A simple and rapid colorimetric pH meter has been developed based on the conformational switch of i-motif DNA and non-crosslinking AuNP aggregation, the average accuracy of the nano-meter was foundExpand
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Small-Molecule-Directed Assembly: A Gold Nanoparticle-Based Strategy for Screening of Homo-Adenine DNA Duplex Binders†
By using AuNP-modified homo-adenine DNA conjugate as a model system, simple colorimetric and resonance Rayleigh scattering assays have been developed for screening small molecules that trigger theExpand
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Small-molecule selectively recognizes human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA and regulates its conformational switch.
Structural complexity is an inherent feature of the human telomeric sequence, and it presents a major challenge for developing ligands of pharmaceutical interest. Recent studies have pointed out thatExpand
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Oxazine 170 induces DNA:RNA:DNA triplex formation.
The oxazine dye (Oxazine 170) was found to induce formation of a hybrid triplex structure, poly rA:(poly dT)(2), under solution conditions in which the triplex would not otherwise form. Formation ofExpand
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