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Genome sequence of the fungus Pycnoporus sanguineus, which produces cinnabarinic acid and pH- and thermo- stable laccases.
Pycnoporus sanguineus, an edible mushroom, produces antimicrobial and antitumor bioactive compounds and pH- and thermo- stable laccases that have multiple potential biotechnological applications.Expand
Exploration of Small Paper Reform Based on Experimental Report
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical are two specialties to train biological professionals with strong specialty and practicality. Expand
Genome sequencing and annotation and phylogenomic analysis of the medicinal mushroom Amauroderma rugosum, a traditional medicinal species in the family Ganodermataceae
ABSTRACT Amauroderma rugosum is one of the traditional Chinese medicinal mushrooms and is used to reduce inflammation, treat diuretic and upset stomach, and prevent cancer. Here, we present a genomicExpand
[Identification and bactericidal activity of a novel Cathelicidin family member from skin of Bufu bufo gargarizans].
The skin transcriptome of Bufu bufo gargarizans was determined by conventional methods. A novel full length cDNA coding for a Cathelicidin precursor was identified by transcriptomic data assembling,Expand
Cloning and Expression of a Thiolase Gene from Phellinus igniarius
To explore the expression of the thiolase gene from Phellinus igniarius in the prokaryotic system. The thiolase gene of P.igniarius was amplified by PCR using specific primers. The products of PCRExpand
Preparation and characterization of selenium-rich polysaccharide from Phellinus igniarius and its effects on wound healing.
The modified of polysaccharides show various bio-activities. In our work, Phellinus igniarius Selenium-enriched mycelias polysaccharides (PSeP) were prepared from Phellinus igniarius, and itsExpand