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BACKGROUND Metabolic risk factors and abnormalities such as obesity and hypertension are rapidly rising among the Chinese population following China's tremendous economic growth and widespread westernization of lifestyle in recent decades. Limited information is available about the current burden of metabolic syndrome (MetS) in China. METHODS We analyzed(More)
PURPOSE Due to the rapid growth of Shanghai city to 20 million residents, the balance between healthcare supply and demand has become an important issue. The local government hopes to ameliorate this problem by developing an image-enabled electronic healthcare record (EHR) sharing mechanism between certain hospitals. This system is designed to enable(More)
Trust is one of the most important factors in human society, as it pervades almost all domains of the society. The trusting behavior of trustors is dependent on the belief about the cooperative (reciprocal) level of trustees. Thence what are the motives underlying the cooperative behavior? An important explanation is that guilt aversion can motivate(More)
Inequality aversion is a typical form of fairness preferences, which can explain the behaviors in many social exchange situations such as the ultimatum game (UG). There are two kinds of inequality aversion-disadvantageous inequality aversion of responders and advantageous inequality aversion of proposers in the ultimatum game. Although neuroscience research(More)
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