Guangrong Hao

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The disposal, modeling and visualization of 3D data are very important in the construction of digital earth. Now, one can get fine 3D model with software such as 3DMax and so on. But the 3D system is only perfect in visualization without any function of spatial analysis. The predominant software of GIS, for example, ArcGIS, or IMAGIS, provides ideal(More)
EMS-induced mutant frequency and mutation spectrum as well as background mutant frequency have been characterized fur bone marrow of the D6-2 transgenic mice. ThelacI genes carried on pSPORT1 vectors were recovered from the treated or untreated mouse genomic DNA by excision and circularization, and analyzedin vitro for mutations that occurred in the mouse(More)
The Simulation of heavy metal contamination in surface soils has been discussed in the paper. Instead of the acquisition of the “best” estimation of unsampled points, the author paid much attention to the assessment of the spatial uncertainty about unsampled values. The simulation method of Geostatistics, aimed at the same statistics(More)
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