Guangqiang Liu

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Large-scale Ag nanosheet-assembled micro-hemispheres, with sufficient hot spots on their surfaces, have been achieved on an indium tin oxide substrate via electrodeposition. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) measurements demonstrate that the Ag nanosheet-assembled micro-hemispheres can serve as sensitive and reproducible SERS substrates.
Silver nanoplate hierarchical turreted ordered arrays were fabricated through an electro-deposition method on ordered acuate silicon nanocone templates. Such arrays can be used as SERS substrates for trace analyses of streptomycin sulphate, and exhibit high activity and stability. This work is of importance in practical applications based on the SERS effect(More)
The organic monolayer colloidal crystals, which are usually prepared by self-assembling, could be used as templates, due to their interstitial geometry, for the periodically arranged nanostructured arrays, which have important applications in many fields, such as photonic crystals, information storage, super-hydrophobicity, biological and chemical sensing.(More)
The Ras subfamily is the member of small G proteins superfamily involved in cellular signal transduction. Activation of Ras signaling causes cell growth, differentiation, and survival. Bombyx mori Ras-like protein (BmRas1) may belong to the Ras subfamily. It contained an H-N-K-Ras-like domain. The BmRas1 mRNA consisted of 1459 bp. The open reading frame(More)
—Security of heterogeneous wireless network is the research hotspot now. Aiming at the security problems of access authentication for heterogeneous wireless network, an access authentication scheme based on CPK technology is presented. The access authentication model is based on CPK technology to realize identity authentication, temporary authentication(More)
We demonstrate the fabrication of the large-area arrays of vertically aligned Si/SiO2 nanowires with full tunability of the geometry of the single nanowires by the metal-assisted chemical etching technique and the following thermal oxidation process. To fabricate the geometry controllable Si/SiO2 nanowire (NW) arrays, two critical issues relating with the(More)
QoS-Based Services Selecting and Optimizing Composition between the peers play an increasingly important role to ensure interop-erability on Grid environment. However, the prohibitive cost of selecting , matching, mapping and composing algorithm has now become a key bottleneck hindering the deployment of a wide variety of Grid services. In this paper, we(More)
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