Guangqiang Liu

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CuO-ZnO micro/nanoporous array-films are synthesized by transferring a solution-dipped self-organized colloidal template onto a device substrate and sequent heat treatment. Their morphologies and structures are characterized by X-ray diffraction, field-emission scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectrum(More)
A potential route to extend Moore's law beyond the physical limits of existing materials and device architectures is to achieve nanotechnology breakthroughs in materials and device concepts. Here, we discuss an on-demand WO(3-x)-based nanoionic device where electrical and neuromorphic multifunctions are realized through externally induced local migration of(More)
It has been proven that the use of colloidal templates is a facile, flexible strategy to create the periodic micro/nanostructured arrays in comparison with photolithography, electron beam lithography etc. Utilizing colloidal monolayers as templates or masks, different periodic micro/nanostructured arrays including nanoparticle arrays, pore arrays, nanoring(More)
An effective and inexpensive method is developed to fabricate periodic arrays by sacrificial colloidal monolayer template route by chemical deposition and further physical deposition. By a colloidal template induced precursor solution dipping strategy, different periodic arrays of semi-hollow sphere array, inverse opal with monolayer pore arrays and hole(More)
Large-scale Ag nanosheet-assembled micro-hemispheres, with sufficient hot spots on their surfaces, have been achieved on an indium tin oxide substrate via electrodeposition. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) measurements demonstrate that the Ag nanosheet-assembled micro-hemispheres can serve as sensitive and reproducible SERS substrates.
A simple and flexible route is presented to fabricate a gold binary-structured ordered array by one step based on non-shadow deposition on a plasma etching-induced dualistic monolayer colloidal crystal. Such a Au binary-structure array is built of hexagonally arranged nanoshells and nanorings which stand between two adjacent nanoshells. Six gold nanorings(More)
Au opening-nanoshell ordered arrays with tunable local surface plasmon resonance (SPR) property have been fabricated based on sputtering deposition onto monolayer colloidal crystal. The changes in local SPR peak for the arrays can be well tuned from visible to near-infrared region with decreasing of the spacing between two neighbor opening-nanoshells. It(More)
In this paper, we demonstrated the fabrication of high active and high sensitive Au nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid (LAL) method, and their application in electrochemical detection of heavy metal ions. First, LAL method are used to fabricate Au nanoparticles in water in a clean way. Second, the Au nanoparticles were assembled onto the surface of(More)
A simple and facile strategy is presented to fabricate the metal nanodisk and nanohole arrays based on a wet etching-assisted polystyrene colloidal lithography. Gold is chosen to demonstrate the validity of such a strategy. The hexagonally arranged Au nanodisk and nanohole arrays are thus fabricated with large area and good uniformity. The structural(More)
A general strategy, nonshadow deposition dominated colloidal lithography (NSCL), was proposed for the synthesis of two-dimensional (2D) ordered hollow sphere arrays of conductive materials. Gold, polypyrrole, CdS, and ZnO were taken as model materials to demonstrate the NSCL strategy, and built as 2D hollow sphere arrays successfully. In this strategy, a(More)