Guangpeng Zhang

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This paper presents a simple yet effective approach for 3D face recognition. A novel 3D facial surface representation, namely Multi-Scale Local Binary Pattern (MS-LBP) Depth Map, is proposed, which is used along with the Shape Index (SI) Map to increase the distinctiveness of smooth range faces. Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) is introduced to(More)
Registration is a necessary step for automatic 3D face recognition systems, and feature point localization is usually used to find the correspondence in registration. Traditional localization methods are sensitive to pose changes, and can only deal with frontal or limited pose variations. In this paper we propose a new 3D facial feature point localization(More)
This paper addresses the problem of synthesizing an artificial visual light (VIS) facial image from near-infrared (NIR) input. After extensively assessing photic characteristics of tissues at human skin surface, we propose a framework for this task. Firstly, we take the quotient images for training and reconstruction, so that information related to face(More)
Ethnicity is an important demographic attribute of human beings, and automatic face-based classification of ethnicity has promising applications in various fields. In this paper, we explore the ethnicity discriminability of both 2D and 3D face features, and propose an MM-LBP (Multi-scale Multi-ratio LBP) method, which is a multimodal method for ethnicity(More)