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Mutations in the MeCP2 gene cause Rett syndrome, a neurologic condition affecting primarily young girls. To gain insight into the normal function of MeCP2, we examined its temporal and spatial expression patterns, and immunoreactive prevalence, during late embryonic and perinatal brain development. MeCP2 mRNA was detected in most regions of the developing(More)
—Analysis of the Vehicle Behavior is mainly to analyze and identify the vehicles' motion pattern, and describe it by the use of natural language. It is a considerable challenge to analyze and describe the vehicles' behavior in a complex scene. This paper first hackles the development history of the intelligent transportation system and analysis of vehicles'(More)
One missing link between CAD and CAM is the lack of a systematic methodology for generating and evaluating alternative ways to manufacture a proposed design. To address this problem, we are developing a systematic approach for generating and evaluating alternative ways to manufacture machined parts, in order to provide information to the designer about the(More)
Using subtractive hybridization screening, the methyl CpG-binding domain containing protein MBD3 was identified as being more prevalently expressed in the embryonic brain than in the adult. In this report, we present the mRNA and protein expression patterns of MBD3 in the developing brain. MBD3 expression was detected in neuroepithelial cells of the(More)
Previous imaging studies have indicated that the levels of the dopamine transporter (DAT) are reduced in the brains of heroin users. However, whether these changes can be reversed by abstinence and/or treatment remains unclear. This study aims to investigate DAT availability in heroin users and changes in DAT availability after abstinence and treatment with(More)
Rett syndrome is a pediatric neurological condition that affects primarily girls. Approximately 30% of Rett syndrome cases arise from point mutations that introduce a premature stop codon into the MECP2 gene. Several studies have now shown that certain aminoglycosides can facilitate read-through of some types of nonsense mutations in a context-dependent(More)
Stoichiometric homeostasis, the degree to which an organism maintains its C:N:P ratios around a given species- or stage-specific value despite variation in the relative availabilities of elements in its resource supplies, is a key parameter in ecological stoichiometry. However, its regulation and role in affecting organismal and ecosystem processes is still(More)
This paper presents the development of a mathematical model describing the stiffness of a Stewart-platform-based milling machine. Matrix structural analysis is used to derive the stiffness matrix for each of the elements in the model and assemble them into a system-wide stiffness matrix. By incorporating the inverse kinematics of the machine tool, the(More)
By analyzing the characters of CT medical image, this paper proposes a novel method for this particular image fusion, which is using discrete wavelet transform and independent component analysis. Firstly, each of CT images were decomposed by 2-D discrete wavelet transform. Then independent component analysis were used to analyse the wavelet coefficients in(More)