Guangming Zhang

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In integrating CAD and CAM applications, one major problem is how to interpret CAD information in a manner that makes sense for CAM. Our goal is to develop a general approach that can be used with a variety of CAD and CAM applications for the manufacture of machined parts. In particular, we present a methodology for taking a CAD model, extracting(More)
One missing link between CAD and CAM is the lack of a systematic methodology for generating and evaluating alternative ways to manufacture a proposed design. To address this problem, we are developing a systematic approach for generating and evaluating alternative ways to manufacture machined parts, in order to provide information to the designer about the(More)
This chapter describes a methodology for analyzing some of the manu-facturability aspects of machined parts during the design stage of the product development cycle, so that problems related to machining can be recognized and corrected while the product is being designed. Starting with the CAD design for a proposed part, our basic approach is to(More)
A method is presented to evaluate the workspace variation of a Stewart platform based machine tool. Three sets of constraints, covering strut lengths, platform and base spherical joint angles, and strut collisions, are formulated using inverse kinematics. Recognizing the need to vary the platform orientation during machining, an algorithm to efficiently(More)
This paper presents the development of a mathematical model describing the stiffness of a Stewart-platform-based milling machine. Matrix structural analysis is used to derive the stiffness matrix for each of the elements in the model and assemble them into a system-wide stiffness matrix. By incorporating the inverse kinematics of the machine tool, the(More)
—Analysis of the Vehicle Behavior is mainly to analyze and identify the vehicles' motion pattern, and describe it by the use of natural language. It is a considerable challenge to analyze and describe the vehicles' behavior in a complex scene. This paper first hackles the development history of the intelligent transportation system and analysis of vehicles'(More)
—Vehicle video key frame processing as an important part of intelligent transportation systems plays a significant role. Traditional vehicle video key frame extraction often has lots of noises, it can't meet the requirements of the recognition and tracking. In this paper, a novel method which is combined independent component analysis with beamlet transform(More)
—The curvelet transform as a multiscale transform has directional parameters occurs at all scales, locations, and orientations. It is superior to wavelet transform in image processing domain. This paper analyzes the characters of DSA medical image, and proposes a novel approach for DSA medical image fusion, which is using curvelet information entropy and(More)