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— This paper investigates the consensus problems for networks of dynamic agents. The agent dynamics is adopted as a typical point mass model based on the Newton's law. The average-consensus problem is proposed for such class of networks, which includes two aspects, the agreement of the states of the agents, and the convergence to zero of the speeds of the(More)
— An iterative approach is proposed to model networked control systems (NCSs) with arbitrary but finite data packet dropout as switched linear systems. This enables us to apply the rich theory of switched systems to analyzing such NCSs. Sufficient conditions are presented on the stability and stabilization of NCSs with packet dropout and network delays.(More)
— This paper focuses on the controllability of multi-agent systems with fixed topology based on agreement protocols. We analyze three models of agents: single integrator, double integrator and high-order integrator. For a group of single-integrator agents, controllability is studied in a unified framework for both networks with leader-following structure(More)