Guangming Huang

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Migration velocity of cell populations in vitro is one of important measurements of cell behaviors. As there are massive amount of cells in one image that share similar characteristics and are highly deformable, it is often computational expensive to track every individual cell. It is also difficult to track cells over a long period of time due to(More)
Development of an embryonic skeletogenic mesenchyme lineage in a sea cucumber reveals the trajectory of change for the evolution of novel structures in echinoderms. Technau, U. (2006). Asymmetric expression of the BMP antagonists chordin and gremlin in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis: implications for the evolution of axial patterning. A new study(More)
—In this paper, the exact closed-form capacity expression for a hybrid selection/MIMO (H-S/MIMO) system in the spatial correlated Rayleigh fading channels is investigated. There are two assumptions in this work. One is that the antenna selection at the transmitter is based on the criterion that maximizes the received signal power and only one transmit(More)
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