Guangling Dong

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The variety of shipborne weapons as well as the importance and affect of naval gun mounting servo system are narrated. The existing conditions and problems of naval gun mounting servo system in type approval test are introduced. A new kind of shipborne weapons shock simulation testing system based on electrohydraulic servomotor is given, which could(More)
Main usage of artillery electrical system and its requirements on measurement and control system in design approval test are illustrated. Composition and working principle of measurement and control system for electrical performance parameters of gun based on Ethernet and GPIB are introduced. Design of hardware and software for measurement and control(More)
In this manuscript, we investigate the problem of sample size determination (SSD) method for rational prior credibility evaluation. First, in allusion to several existing credibility evaluation methods, risk of prior credibility measurement with data distribution difference is analyzed in small sample size conditions. Then, the relationships between and(More)
Integrated test scheme (ITS) make comprehensive use of simulation and field test to evaluate system performance, which takes on merits of low cost, full-scale assessment, and high precision. Sample size determination (SSD) methods for ITS are analyzed, which reveals the problem and contradiction in classical method and Bayesian method using standard power(More)
Digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) is, with applied far going, high sampling frequency and measuring accuracy, a common testing instrument in signal acquisition and processing. While many DSOs are used together to measure multi-channels of signals, there exist some problems in synchronous comparing, acquisition, storage and plots of different signals. In(More)
The importance of credibility evaluation for simulation system in integrated test evaluation technology study of weapon system is addressed. Basic idea and steps of using analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to evaluate the credibility of simulation system are introduced. The vital role of flight motion table as a bottom layer credibility index is analysed.(More)
The category of shipborne weapons as well as the importance and effect of naval gun mounting servo system are described. The status and difficulty in type approval test of naval gun mounting servo system are introduced. A shock simulation testing system for shipborne weapons based on electrohydraulic servomotor is put forward, which can simulate all levels(More)
A key technology problem with respect to approval testing and evaluation is that of simulating sea wave impact in shipborne weapons systems, both in terms of land-based and sea-based tests. There are two main methods in use at present: the first method is to build large-scale water pool, in which the shipborne weapons system under test is mounted to a(More)