Guangliang Gao

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Community detection is a classic and very difficult task in complex network analysis. As the increasingly explosion of social media, scaling community detection methods to large networks has attracted considerable recent interests. In this paper, we propose a novel SIMPLifying and Ensembling (SIMPLE) framework for parallel community detection. It employs(More)
The goose is an economically important waterfowl that exhibits unique characteristics and abilities, such as liver fat deposition and fibre digestion. Here, we report de novo whole-genome assemblies for the goose and swan goose and describe the evolutionary relationships among 7 bird species, including domestic and wild geese, which diverged approximately(More)
Stock market prediction focus on developing approaches to determine the future price of a stock or other financial product. The key task of stock market prediction is to determine the timing for the buying or selling of stock, undoubtedly, it is very difficult due to the high volatility and nonlinear relationships driven by short-term fluctuations in(More)
Community detection is a classic and very difficult task in social network analysis. A large number of methods have been developed for both efficient and effective community detection. However, much of the existing methods are heavily dependent on the number of links in the network, and thus they often suffer from the computational inefficiency when meeting(More)
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