Guanglei Ji

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The laccase-catalyzed conversion of bisphenol A (BPA) in aqueous solutions was studied in the absence and presence of nonionic surfactant Triton X-100. It was found that the addition of Triton X-100 into the reaction system increased the conversion of BPA, especially near the critical micelle concentration of Triton X-100. Also it was found that the(More)
The ionic liquid-catalyzed transesterification of soybean oil with short-chain alcohols by using ultrasound (24kHz, 80W) was studied. We found that, at 60°C under ultrasonic irradiation and a molar ratio of 14:1 methanol/oil, a biodiesel yield in excess of 96% can be achieved in a remarkably short time duration of 20 min or less in comparison to 5h(More)
On the basis of the unique physical and chemical properties of nanoporous gold (NPG), which was obtained simply by dealloying Ag from Au/Ag alloy, an attempt was made in the present study to develop NPG-based electrochemical biosensors. The NPG-modified glassy carbon electrode (NPG/GCE) exhibited high-electrocatalytic activity toward the oxidation of(More)
Immobilization of enzymes on porous inorganic materials is very important for biocatalysis and biotransformation. In this paper, nanoporous gold (NPG) was used as a support for lignin peroxidase (LiP) immobilization. NPG with a pore size of 40-50 nm was prepared by dealloying Au/Ag alloy (50:50 wt%) for 17 h. By incubation with LiP aqueous solution, LiP was(More)
Biodiesel production from soybean oil with methanol was performed in the presence of a Brønsted acidic ionic liquid-based catalyst under ultrasound irradiation. The influences of various parameters on the transesterification reaction, including the amount of catalyst, the molar ratio of methanol to oil, the temperature and the ultrasound power, were(More)
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