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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t This paper considers the identification problems of the Hammerstein nonlinear systems. A projection and a stochastic gradient (SG) identification algorithms are presented for the Hammerstein nonlinear systems by using the gradient search method. Since the projection algorithm is sensitive to noise and the SG algorithm(More)
A multiinnovation least-squares (MILS) identification algorithm is presented for linear regression models with unknown parameter vectors by expanding the innovation length in the traditional recursive least-squares (RLS) algorithm from the viewpoint of innovation modification. Because the proposed MILS algorithm uses p innovations (not only the current(More)
A practical method is proposed for estimating the inertial parameters of robot manipulators with substantial unmodeled joint kiction and actuator dynamics. The manipulator is mounted on a six-axis forcehorque sensor. Sensor measurements and joint velocities recorded during manipulator motion are used to identify the inertial parameters. The unmodeled joint(More)