Guangjin Li

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The ability of the human immune system to respond to vaccination declines with age. We identified an age-associated defect in T cell receptor (TCR)-induced extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) phosphorylation in naive CD4(+) T cells, whereas other signals, such as ζ chain-associated protein kinase 70 (ZAP70) and phospholipase C-γ1 phosphorylation,(More)
Zinc is a trace element that is essential for innate and adaptive immune responses. In addition to being a structural element of many proteins, zinc also functions as a neurotransmitter and an intracellular messenger. Temporal or spatial changes in bioavailable zinc may influence the activity of several enzymes, including kinases and phosphatases. We(More)
Immune aging is best known for its immune defects that increase susceptibility to infections and reduce adaptive immune responses to vaccination. In parallel, the aged immune system is prone to autoimmune responses and many autoimmune diseases increase in incidence with age or are even preferentially encountered in the elderly. Why an immune system that(More)
– The electromagnetic performances for two current distribution methods (classical and non-classical) of a 3-phase, 24 stator slots and 16 rotor poles Switching Reluctance Machine (SRM) were compared. The three phases were excited in sinusoidal current mode. The Finite Element Model was used to predict the average torque, the total flux of each phase, the(More)
A direct interaction between the nuclear receptor TR2 and histone deacetylases (HDACs) 3 and 4 is mediated by the DNA binding domain (DBD) of TR2. To test if this interaction is common to members of the nuclear receptor family, the Cys2-Cys2 type zinc finger (ZF) DBDs were subcloned from several nuclear receptors (mRARalpha, mRXRbeta, mTR2, mTR4, RAR,(More)
I. ABSTRACT This paper presents a fast and precise electromagnetic-thermal model of a redundant dual star Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet (FSPM) motor for the embedded applications with driving cycles, e.g. Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV), aerospace, etc. This model is based on a prior steady characterization by Finite Element Method (FEM) 2D of the FSPM(More)
tolerant application. The self and mutual inductances of these two machines are calculated, which are then applied for establishing a faulty model. A three phase short-circuit problem is simulated for these two motors. A comparison between these two machines is carried out, which is in terms of normal phase currents and the output torque before and after(More)
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