Guanghui Shi

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Motor parameter identification is problem must be faced by high performance variable frequency speed adjustment system include Vector Control. Explore new effective parameter identification method possess vast theoretical and practical meanings. Motor's mathematical model has the character of high order, nonlinear and complicate coupling, the parameter(More)
Medical applications on the market showed the following deficiencies: main function is too single, social function and medical file function is not perfect, poor social attributes, simple transplantation of traditional medical mode can't satisfy the user's multi-level and in-depth continued demand for health care. We put forward SMA social medical(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present and exploit fundamental information, such as semantic meanings and geographical features, of phytotoponyms (a type of toponym that includes plant names) in Western Hubei (China). Long-term vegetation degradation is also estimated. Toponym data for this study were obtained from the place names database of Hubei(More)
With the limitation of number of the voltage vectors in Voltage Source Inverter, the reasonable switching table of the traditional direct torque control is not able to be established and the torque ripple is large. A new method based on discrete space vector modulation is proposed to improve this problem in this paper, in which the number of voltage vectors(More)
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