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Mandelbrot's fractal geometry has sparked considerable interest in the remote sensing community since the publication of his highly influential book in 1977. Fractal models have been used in several image processing and pattern recognition applications such as texture analysis and classification. Applications of fractal geometry in remote sensing rely(More)
In this paper, a spike detection method is introduced. Traditional morphological filter is improved for extracting spikes from epileptic EEG signals and two key problems are addressed: morphological operation design and structure elements optimization. An average weighted combination of open-closing and close-opening operation, which can eliminate(More)
As the first line of immune defense for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), macrophages also provide a major habitat for Mtb to reside in the host for years. The battles between Mtb and macrophages have been constant since ancient times. Triggered upon Mtb infection, multiple cellular pathways in macrophages are activated to initiate a tailored immune(More)
Epileptic electroencephalogram data contains transient components and background activities. One of the transients is spike, which occurs randomly with short-duration. Spike detection in EEG is significant for clinical diagnosis of epilepsy. Since it is time consuming to scan spikes manually, an automatic spike detection method is necessary. In this paper,(More)
With the advent of an aging society, stroke makes a heavy burden for our society. Stroke can damage the motor and sensory neural system and block the closed loop between the brain and the body. Due to the neural plasticity, this closed loop can be rebuilt through training. Users' actively engagement can help expedite functional recovery. Therefore, we(More)
Epileptic seizure features always include the morphology and spatial distribution of nonlinear waveforms in the electroencephalographic (EEG) signals. In this study, we propose a novel incremental learning scheme based on nonlinear dimensionality reduction for automatic patient-specific seizure onset detection. The method allows for identification of(More)
—Driver drowsiness/fatigue is an important cause of combination-unit truck crashes. The purpose of this study is to detect drowsiness in drivers unobtrusively to prevent accidents and to improve safety on the highways. This paper is the culmination of previous work to determine if steering behavior could be used to unobtrusively detect driver fatigue. In(More)
Since the limitations of Kerberos authentication protocol for symmetric algorithm, there are many improved Kerberos protocol of RSA public key encryptions. However, the existing public key encryption system resistance in the analysis of quantum encryption has brought tremendous challenges. Braid group is a new considerable public key cryptography platform(More)
For decades, bearing factory quality evaluation has been a key problem and the methods used are always static tests. This paper investigates the use of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers (PUT) as dynamic diagnostic tools and a relevant signal classification technique, wavelet packet entropy (WPEntropy) flow manifold learning, for the evaluation of bearing(More)