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Amyloid protein is well known to induce neuronal cell death, whereas only little is known about its effect on astrocytes. We found that amyloid peptides activated caspase 3 and induced apoptosis in(More)
We have reported that ceramide mediates binding of atypical protein kinase C (PKC) zeta to its inhibitor protein, PAR-4 (prostate apoptosis response-4), thereby inducing apoptosis in differentiating(More)
The formation of stem cell-derived tumors (teratomas) is observed when engrafting undifferentiated embryonic stem (ES) cells, embryoid body-derived cells (EBCs), or mammalian embryos and is a(More)
We present evidence that 5XFAD Alzheimer's disease model mice develop an age-dependent increase in antibodies against ceramide, suggesting involvement of autoimmunity against ceramide in Alzheimer's(More)