Guanghong Gong

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TBB (Thread Building Blocking) is currently a representative parallel computing platform of multi-core processors. The ant colony algorithm is used to solve combinatorial optimization problem of discrete-time systems. With the expansion of the problem scale, it often results in rapid increase of calculation. Based on TBB a parallel ant colony algorithm was(More)
Rough Set reduction is a typical iterative process; however, the user cannot give extra controls and preferences during the consecutively iterative process. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to Rough Set reduction by using control science viewpoint. In this model, information system is regarded as controlled plant, user’s preference about(More)
Microscopic behaviors in traffic are complex and the traffic information is heterogeneous. However, current research on virtual reality traffic simulation pays little attention on modeling microscopic behavior with the consideration of the human factor. An intelligent vehicle agent model is proposed to better understandings of human factor in virtual(More)
Massive data have been generated in large-scale distributed simulation based on HLA. The data collection in passively subscribing way cannot meet the requirements of data integrity and simulation scalability. Based on the analysis of existing problems, a new fully distributed collection method was proposed. Two collection architectures were presented(More)
We give an up-to-date survey on techniques and methods for fire simulation in computer graphics. Physically-based method prevails over traditional non-physical methods for realistic visual effect. In this paper, we explore visual simulation of fire-related phenomena in terms of physically modeling, numerical simulation and visual rendering. Firstly, we(More)