Guanghong Duan

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This paper's concern is on product's disassembly sequence planning which is a complex NP-hard problem. Disassembly feasibility information graph (DFIG) is presented for describing product's disassembly operations (sequences) information. Based on the DFIG, the problem of disassembly sequence planning is transformed into a problem of searching optimum path.(More)
Identification and control of an air bearing linear stage driven by a voice coil motor are considered. The load of the stage is more than 5 kg, and the model has to include the mode of mechanism for high bandwidth and high precision motion control. Identification based on normalized coprime factors is introduced for this purpose. A precise model with high(More)
Over the past several years, heuristic methods are often used to find optimal solution(s) of disassembly/recycle sequencing problem, for it is a NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem. In the proposed research, first, we present a method: product disassembly sequence planning problem could map onto a problem of searching the optimal tour in the(More)
This paper studies the stability of the Gough-Stewart parallel mechanism on vibration isolation. The problem comes from a large radio telescope in which the astronomical equipment is mounted on a feed stabilized platform to be stabilized by adjusting six actuators, while the base platform of the mechanism itself is carried by a vibrating cable-car that(More)
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