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A new support vector machine (SVM) ensemble algorithm based on negative correlation learning is studied in this paper. This approach can produce individual SVMs whose errors tend to be negatively correlated, so the diversity is emphasized among individual SVMs in an ensemble. This method is applied in modeling of Leaching process of hydrometallurgy. The(More)
To retrieval images we required with high effectiveness and accuracy, in this paper, we study on how to implement an effective image retrieval system using particle swarm optimization. Firstly, framework of the Particle Swarm Optimization based image retrieval system is described, which is able to integrate three image visual features (such as Bag of visual(More)
To improve the precision and generalization of ensemble model and leaching model, a novel selective hierarchical ensemble modeling approach is proposed for leaching rate prediction in this paper. Unlike previous selective ensemble model, the new selective ensemble model is a hierarchical model. The model considers not only the combination of sub-models, but(More)
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