Guangfeng Lu

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In this letter, the relationship between the change of the closed-loop optical path and the movement of two adjacent spherical mirrors in ring laser gyros is investigated by matrix optical approach. When one spherical mirror is pushed forward and the other is pulled backward to maintain the total length of the closed-loop optical path constant, an(More)
This paper describes the design, operation and test results of a miniature low cost inertial measurement unit (IMU) that uses low cost dithered ring laser gyroscope and quartzes flexible accelerometer. The hardware configuration of the miniature low cost IMU is introduced, mainly including basic configuration, performance of the ring laser gyroscope and(More)
A miniaturized HeNe laser with intensity and frequency simultaneously stabilized is described. The laser uses a monoblock glass ceramics as its tube to construct an improved steady structure. The closed loop cavity length control system stabilizes its frequency and the discharge current regulating system stabilizes its intensity. The electronic system(More)
The scale factor correction characteristics of two ring laser gyroscopes of different sizes are investigated systematically in this paper. The variation in the scale factor can reach 144 or 70 ppm for square gyroscopes with arm lengths of 8.4 cm or 15.6 cm, respectively, during frequency tuning. A dip in the scale factor is observed at the line center of(More)
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