Guangfei Zhu

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Image spatial diffusion targets on blurring small discontinuities while sharpening distinct edges. We propose two GPU-based methods to efficient generate content-aware spatial diffused images. In the first method, we apply an enhanced bilateral filter on the input image. Our filter adopts a spatial weight kernel in the form of an inverted Gaussian. This(More)
The present work addresses the control of torsional micro-mirrors assisted by a constant bias voltage. It is shown that such a configuration will have an effect of torque multiplication and hence, it will reduce the dynamic range of actuation signal. A nonlinear controller using backstepping and barrier functions is developed, which can guarantee(More)
The envelope model allows efficient estimation in multivariate linear regression. In this paper, we propose the sparse envelope model, which is motivated by applications where some response variables are invariant with respect to changes of the predictors and have zero regression coefficients. The envelope estimator is consistent but not sparse, and in many(More)
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