Guangfan Zheng

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Cascade reactions initiated by radical addition to alkynes are synthetically very attractive because they enable access to highly complex molecular skeletons in only few synthetic steps under usually mild conditions. Here we report a general radical cascade reaction of alkynes, N-fluoroarylsulfonimides and alcohols, enabling the efficient synthesis of(More)
A copper-catalyzed aminooxygenation reaction of styrenes with N-fluorobenzenesulfonimide and N-hydroxyphthalimide derivatives has been developed. The aminooxygenation product could be converted into the corresponding alcohol or free amine through the cleavage of the N-O or C-N bond of the N-hydroxyphthalimide moiety.
A copper-catalyzed highly regio- and stereospecific selenosulfonation of alkynes with arylsulfonohydrazides and diphenyl diselenide has been developed. This novel three component reaction proceeds under very mild conditions and with a broad scope of substrates, providing a wide range of (E)-β-selenovinyl sulfones in good to excellent yields.
The first metal-free, three-component radical aminofluorination of styrene derivatives has been developed, which employs Selectfluor as a fluorine source and azole derivatives as a nitrogen source. This transformation proceeds with high regioselectivity, providing various 1,2-aminofluorination compounds under mild conditions. Mechanistic studies suggest(More)
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