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Late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) genes were confirmed to confer resistance to drought and water deficiency. An LEA gene from Tamarixandrossowii (named TaLEA) was transformed into Xiaohei poplar (Populussimonii × P. nigra) via Agrobacterium. Twenty-five independent transgenic lines were obtained that were resistant to kanamycin, and 11 transgenic lines were(More)
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-␣ is a well validated therapeutic target for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. TNF-␣ is initially synthesized as a 26-kDa membrane-bound form (pro-TNF) that is cleaved by a Zn-metalloprotease named TNF-␣-converting enzyme (TACE) to generate the 17-kDa, soluble, mature TNF-␣. TACE inhibitors that prevent the secretion of(More)
A field experiment was conducted in 2010–2012 to investigate the effects of different N fertigation regimes on diameter growth (measured as individual tree basal area increment), N uptake and biomass allocation in a triploid Populus tomentosa plantation in the North China Plain. The experiment included six N fertigation treatments (combination of three N(More)
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