Guangcheng Qin

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In object tracking wireless sensor networks, communication overheads affect the accuracy of tracking localization seriously. Existing seminar works suffer from lacking of adaptively on various accuracy requirements, which lead to large amount of network traf¿c. In this paper, we propose a coordination mechanism based on joint mobility prediction method(More)
In ubiquitous wireless environment, mobile devices need a more resilient and convenient network communication software. Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) routing protocols are favored in ubiquitous environments due to its self-organization and self-reconstruction characteristics. Routing protocols however, especially the MANET routing protocols, are suffering(More)
In large-scale object tracking wireless sensor networks, multiple mobile nodes will bring large amount of communication overheads in maintaining the accuracy of localization tracking, which would possibly affect the collection and dissemination of the tracking data, seriously. Existing seminar works purely focus on achieving optimal tracking accuracy and(More)
Identifying heavy hitter flows in the network is of tremendous importance for many network management activities. The problem of how to find these flows has been the concern of many studies in the past few years. Lossy counting [12] and probabilistic lossy counting [11] are among the most well-known algorithms for finding heavy hitters. But these methods(More)
In dynamic wireless networks, effective modeling on link behavior would lead the network protocol design towards a predictive and reasonable way. Emerging mobile ad hoc network (MANET), however, is of self-organizing and infrastructureless paradigm, where topology dynamics are highly related to many complicated parameters, such as node density, mobility(More)
Identifying heavy hitters is essential for network monitoring, management, charging and etc. Existing methods in the literature have some limitations. How to reduce the memory consumption effectively without compromising identification accuracy is still challenging. In this paper, an adaptive method combining sampling and data streaming counting is(More)
WCDL (Weapon Cooperation Data Link) adopts hierarchical methodology generally, as the nodes joining are numerous and moving rapidly. In the battlefield, the interference often occurs, and it will affect the delay seriously, which is an important parameter of the WCDL network. Moreover, the common approaches that care of the delay of next hop only can't(More)