Guangcheng Ma

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This paper discuses the tracking control problem of free-floating space robot in Cartesian space. Based on the augmentation dynamic equation, a robust controller is proposed considering the model uncertainties and external disturbances, using Lyapunov direct method and dissipative theory, it is proved that the proposed controller can ensure the(More)
This paper proposes for space robots a robust fuzzy neural network (FNN) controller, which does not require linear parameterization necessary for standard adaptive control of fixed-base robot manipulator. With suitable modifications, this FNN tracking controller can achieve high-precision position control. Simulation results of a two-link planar space robot(More)
The defining characteristic of a networked control system (NCS) is having a feedback loop that passes through a computer network. Contraposing the time delay introduced by network, the networked control systems can be modeled as discrete-time Markovian jump linear systems with mode-dependent time delays. Delay-dependent stabilization condition of(More)
This paper considers robust stochastic stabilizability for a class of uncertain sampled-data systems with time-delay and randomly jumping parameters. The transition of the jumping parameters is governed by a finite-state Markov process. The closed-loop system is a hybrid one defined on a hybrid time space and a sample space. The delay-dependent sufficient(More)
This paper investigates stability and stabilization analyses issue for T-S fuzzy-model-based systems involving distributed time-delay. The novel imperfect premise matching methodology is employed to derive fuzzy controller, unlike conventional PDC method, this novel technique allows the designed fuzzy controller and the T-S fuzzy model to have distinct(More)
The problem of robust energy-to-peak filtering based on sampled measurement for uncertain systems is studied. Based on piecewise Lyapunov stability criterion, the sample interval dependent conditions for the existence of such filters are established, which are less conservative. The admissible filters can be obtained from the solution of convex optimization(More)
The paper concerns the issue of H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> fuzzy filter design for T-S fuzzy-model based system involving time-delay. In the light of the Lyapunov stability theory, improved stability criteria for the filtering system are developed, and corresponding H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> fuzzy filter design approaches are proposed as well, all the derived results(More)
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