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Based on software Ansys, the stress distribution of hydraulic pipe wall can be obtained by finite element analysis. The maximum von Mises stress on certain type of aircraft's hydraulic pipe wall which is easily extracted from the results of POST1 is taken as random output variable, and hydraulic pipe sizes and material properties are regarded as random(More)
Based on load incremental approach, finite element model of inclined truss structure is established by using Ansys software. Then load factor, unit of effective strength and load increments is obtained by finite element analysis. With a minimum load increment norms and the branch - bound norms of the stage critical strength,the main failure modes of(More)
In order to improve the calculation accuracy of structural system failure probability, RBF neural networks which is based on the failure probability data calculated accurately can simulate into the four-dimensional space neural network of a single output neuron and three input neurons because system failure probability is related to reliability index,(More)
The intent of this study is to provide an initial exploration of the metamodeling capabilities of two methods, i.e. neural network (NN) and Kriging approximation, in the context of simulation optimization. A total of four performance measures are adopted, and they describe different kinds of metamodel performance, such as ability to provide good starting(More)
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