Guangchao Yao

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The tile assembly model is a highly distributed parallel model of molecular computation. Plenty of experiments have proved that the simple binary arithmetic could be fulfilled by the process of self-assembly of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) tiles. Finite field GF(2 n ) is one of the most commonly used mathematic sets. A DNA computing system was designed based(More)
High-quality content-based music similarity retrieval methods are non-vectorial and use non-metric divergence measures, which prevents the expansion of music recommendation systems. We presents a GPU-based method to speed up content-based music similarity search in large-scale collections, in order to improve the response speed without reducing retrieval(More)
The dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm has O(n2) time complexity, which indicates that it is hard to process large-scale time series within an acceptable time. Recently, many researchers have used graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate the algorithm. Owing to the data dependence of DTW, however, most of existing GPU-based DTW algorithms exploits(More)
With the increasing scale of the melody database, the query-by-humming system faces the trade-offs between response speed and retrieval accuracy. Melody accurate matching is the key factor to restrict the response speed. In this paper, we present a GPU acceleration method for melody accurate matching, in order to improve the response speed without reducing(More)
Current query by humming system can hardly be extended to large massive database as most of them adopt the features extracted from MIDI files which are not widely used and the very time-consuming match methods. In this work, we regard query by humming as a subsequence similarity match problem and exploit the modified SPRING algorithm instead of DTW as the(More)
It becomes increasingly common to use GPU (Graphics Processing Units) as accelerators to speed up compute intensive sections of applications. Since block ciphers are supposed to be used for high speed encryption, it is important to implement them as fast as possible. Block cipher ARIA is a new type of encryption standard with four different S-boxes. This(More)
This paper proposes a DNA sticker algorithm for parallel reduction over finite field GF(2 n ). This algorithm is suitable for some specific finite fields defined with trinomials or pentanomials. We use one binary finite field GF(2 163 ) which is recommended by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to describe the details about our algorithm.(More)
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