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Real-time collaborative editi; group of users to view and edit t) the same time from geographic connected by communication nc maintenance in concurrent access one ofthe key issues in designing t This paper proposes a P2P-basec concurrency control in inter collaborative editing systems. distribute locking services to all c quickly find out the locking ser(More)
—With the rapid increase of available information online, especially with the growing popularity of electronic commerce, web data mining is being paid much attention. Combing web data mining and e-commerce has been a hot issue. Following paper focus on how to apply web mining to electronic commerce instead of the plethora or algorithms in data mining. We(More)
—In a CANopen-compliant industrial control system, the master node controls slave nodes (devices) through the corresponding Node-IDs. Though there are some protocols (such as LSS, LMT etc) established for Node-ID assignment, it is not competent for configuring Node-ID for all slaves automatically. In this paper, a new Node_ID binding protocol is proposed.(More)
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