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For better fuzzy signal processing, this paper presents a new processing tool-fuzzy automata, discusses mainly how the fuzzy automata infer the fuzzy logic, and how the fuzzy automata can be obtained by using the recurrent neural networks to fuzzy logic processing. At first, the fuzzy logical rules are introduced, and the definition of fuzzy finite state(More)
Considering the characteristic and computation superiority of quaternion representing body attitude movement information, and aiming at the initial alignment procedure of strap-down inertial navigation system (SINS) with large initial misalignment angles, this paper develops its multiplicative quaternion error model. With the faults analysis of traditional(More)
In order to improve the estimation precise of particle filtering algorithm in the state estimation problems of transfer alignment (TA) nonlinear systems for large initial misalignment angles, based on the UKPF theory, this paper developed the CDDPF algorithm which made use of the CDDF algorithm as the proposal distribution. The CDDF Algorithm based on(More)
Based on multivariate distribution F-deviation representative point of number theory, an improved Deterministic Particle Filter (DPF) algorithm is presented in this paper, in which unequal weight is used for particle generation, important particle sampling and particle re-sampling. To meet the actual needs, a nonlinear transfer alignment model for Airborne(More)
Based on MEMS technology, electrodes surface modified technology, technique of immobilized enzyme and electrochemical detecting principle, the biosensors for detecting different biochemical parameters was fabricated based on MEMS electrodes modified nanoparticles. The multi-parameter measuring system is designed by using potentiostat for amperometric(More)
An analysis is made on the field-weakening effect caused by the phase advance method of Brushless DC motor, and it is indicated that when the phase of the phase current leads the phase back EMF, the transformer EMF in the phase voltage equation can restrain the increase of the phase back EMF, which is equivalent to the field-weakening control of DC motor.(More)
Robot’s adaptability to surrounding as an essential subject of robot research is based on detecting environment precisely and acting timely. Moving object detection and tracking is an important approach of robot detecting external environment. Moving object detection and tracking based on computer vision means building a system with vision part and motor(More)
With provision for minishing the influence of higher-order truncation error in DDFII algorithm on the state estimation problem of transfer alignment (TA) with large misalignment angles, it developed the Iterated DDFII (IDDFII) algorithm. This algorithm applied the estimation value of state vector to linearize the nonlinear system function more times based(More)
Two-way relaying is an efficient way to improve the network capacity significantly. Making use of the broadcast nature of the wireless network, physical-layer network coding (PLNC) has been evidently shown to improve the spectral efficiency further. However it has a poor performance at low SNR. In this paper, the three-node cooperative transmission is(More)