Guang-zhao Cui

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A visual pallet recognition system based on the accurate color segmentation is proposed. The basic idea is to get the pallet color feature samples from the images in working environment before the autonomous mobile forklift works. Then the algorithms of morphological filtering, Sobel edge detection and Hough tranform are used to get the pallet forking side.(More)
A real-time algorithm is presented to detect moving targets in underwater complex environment. The difference image is obtained by subtraction operation in frames of image sequence. An appropriate threshold is selected and the binary image of the difference image is obtained. Every part of the binary image is segmented into one single image by image segment(More)
As traditional TOA Ranging needs a lot of hardware expenditures to achieve the node time synchronization, combining JN5121 wireless microcontroller and a new Distance Calculation Method which is based on Information lag, We construct a new wireless monitoring, positioning network which is based on Zigbee Protocol. As shown in the system-experiment, the new(More)
Target detection is an approach to extract object from image, however it is difficult task when object is moving. Moving target detection is a key area in image processing such as traffic control system, activity monitoring security system, CCTV footage etc. For detecting a moving object in dynamic background, a background subtraction based method has(More)
Narrow pulse generation is a key technology in Ultrawideband communication systems, and different applications have different requirements for pulse generation. This paper analyzes several conventional Ultra-wideband narrow pulse generation methods in Ultra-wideband indoor positioning systems. Their advantages, disadvantages and the existing problems are(More)
An evaluation problem of codewords for DNA computing was studied. The constraints on codewords design were discussed, five evaluation criteria: distance constraint, GC-content, continuous bases, melting temperature and free energy were presented. According to the correlation of the criteria, the combined weight method, which based on statistics principle(More)
DNA encoding problem, which has been proved to be an NP hard problem, is a key problem for DNA computing, and usually solved by optimization algorithms. A new efficient genetic algorithm based on cultural algorithm for the design of DNA codewords is presented in this paper. In this hybrid optimization method, to abstract and manage the information(More)
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