Guang-you Fang

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A novel compact double exponentially tapered slot antenna (DETSA) for GPR applications is presented. To extend the antenna's impedance bandwidth, the antenna arms are rolled back and lengthened, and lumped resistors are used near the ends of the rolled arms. An improved coplanar waveguide (CPW) to coupled stripline (CPS) transition for feeding is also(More)
The reduction of background signal, or clutter, from ground penetrating radar (GPR) measurements is an area of active research. The weak reflection signal obtained from subsurface targets is usually blurred by such strong clutter, which mainly comes from flat or rough ground surfaces, underground inhomogeneities, and coupling between the transmitting and(More)
A novel Wilkinson power divider with shunt-stub using uniform impedance line is proposed. Compared with conventional Wilkinson power divider, the proposed divider avoids thin microstrip trace. Consequently it can be a good choice for the case of handling high power capability. Additionally, by tuning the length of shunt-stub, output power ratio is(More)
⎯A novel clutter suppression method in ground penetrating radar (GPR) is proposed. The preliminary result is obtained by using target resolution improved processing (TRIP). The preliminary result will be used as an initial input for TRIP iteration. All TRIP iteration steps are the adaptive linear combination of the previous TRIP result and the preliminary(More)
The poles of Mars are cold traps for Martian atmospheric volatiles. The layered structures of polar deposits are thought to represent a record of Martian climatic history. In this paper, the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the polar caps is considered. Kirchhoff approximation and geometrical optics method are adopted to simulate the radar echo from(More)
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