Guang-wei Ding

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AIM To study the action of hepatitis virus infection-associated genes at transcription level during liver regeneration (LR). METHODS Hepatitis virus infection-associated genes were obtained by collecting the data from databases and retrieving the correlated articles, and their expression changes in the regenerating rat liver were detected with the rat(More)
Determining the influence of soil environmental factors on degradation of Cry1Ac protein from Bt cotton residues is vital for assessing the ecological risks of this commercialized transgenic crop. In this study, the degradation of Cry1Ac protein in leaves and in buds of Bt cotton in soil was evaluated under different soil water content and temperature(More)
In this study, relationships between normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and plant (winter wheat) nitrogen content (PNC) and between PNC and grain protein content (GPC) were investigated using multi-temporal moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) data at the different stages of winter wheat in Linfen (Shanxi, P. R. China). The(More)
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