Guang-sheng Zhou

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Understanding the dynamics and underlying mechanism of carbon exchange between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere is one of the key issues in global change research. In this study, we quantified the carbon fluxes in different terrestrial ecosystems in China, and analyzed their spatial variation and environmental drivers based on the long-term(More)
We compared the effect of elevated temperature on morphological development, biomass accumulation and allocation, and gas exchange of three dominant plants (Caragana intermedia Kuanget H.C. Fu, Hedysarum mongolicum Turcz., and Artemisia ordosica Krasch.) growing in Chinese Maowusu sandland. Plants were grown in two temperature chambers (25/20, 28/23 °C,(More)
Controlled experiment of Leymus chinensis seedlings grown in the environmental growth chambers at 3 soil moisture levels and 3 temperature levels was conducted in order to improve the understanding how leaf photosynthetic parameters will respond to climatic change. The results indicated that soil drought and high temperature decreased the photochemical(More)
Fire is one of the important natural disturbances to forest ecosystem, giving strong impact on the ecosystem carbon dynamics. By using CENTURY model, this paper simulated the responses of the carbon budget of Larix gmelinii forest in Huzhong area of Daxing' an Mountains to different intensities of fire. The results indicated that after the fires happened,(More)
Soil respiration (R s) has become a central issue in global carbon cycle research. In this study, we determined the seasonal changes in soil carbon efflux and the underlying mechanism with regard to the effects of abiotic and biotic factors in a degraded steppe ecosystem. A warming treatment and a control, and three watering levels were applied using a free(More)
Plant phenology models, especially leafing models, play critical roles in evaluating the impact of climate change on the primary production of temperate plants. Existing models based on temperature alone could not accurately simulate plant leafing in arid and semi-arid regions. The objective of the present study was to test the suitability of the existing(More)
Freeze injury, one of the most destructive agricultural disasters caused by climate, has a significant impact on the growth and production of winter wheat. Chlorophyll content is an important indicator of a plant's growth status. In this study, we analyzed the hyperspectral reflectance of normal and freeze-stressed leaves of winter wheat using a(More)
We studied the responses of leaf water potential (Ψw), morphology, biomass accumulation and allocation, and canopy productivity index (CPI) to the combined effects of elevated CO2 and drought stress in Caragana intermedia seedlings. Seedlings were grown at two CO2 concentrations (350 and 700 μmol mol−1) interacted with three water regimes (60–70%, 45–55%,(More)
Forest fire is an important factor affecting forest ecosystem succession. Recently, forest fire, especially forest lightning fire, shows an increasing trend under global warming. To study the relationships of forest fire with lightning is essential to accurately predict the forest fire in time. Daxing' anling Mountains is a region with high frequency of(More)
Response patters were investigated for seedlings of Hedysarum mongolicum, a dominant shrub in Maowusu sandland, to the simulated precipitation change by artificially controlling water supply at four levels. Plant growth characters, in terms of branch number and length, leaf number and area, and biomass, increased while water supply increased. However, the(More)