Guang-liang Wu

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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the primary causes of premature death and disability worldwide. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of the published literature regarding the trends in prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of diabetes mellitus in mainland China. PUBMED, EMBASE, Chinese Biomedical Database, China National(More)
MicroRNAs (miRs) are known to have an important role in modulating vascular biology. MiR21 was found to be involved in the pathogenesis of proliferative vascular disease. The role of miR21 in endothelial cells (ECs) has well studied in vitro, but the study in vivo remains to be elucidated. In this study, miR21 endothelial-specific knockout mice were(More)
With the average life span of humans on the rise, aging in the world has drawn considerable attentions. The monoamine neurotransmitters and neurotrophic factors in brain areas are involved in learning and memory processes and are an essential part of normal synaptic neurotransmission and plasticity. In the present study, the effect of Zhuang Jing Decoction(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the correlation between 12p13 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs12425791 and Chinese medical syndrome types of ischemic stroke patients of the Han nationality. METHODS A case-control study was used. Recruited were 148 ischemic stroke patients of the Han nationality (67 patients of phlegm syndrome and 81 patients of blood stasis(More)
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