Guang-le Yan

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OBJECTIVE A method based on dubious condition of information entropy was introduced and applied to discuss a complexity problem in the analysis of correlation between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) syndrome and season. METHODS Eight hundred and seventy one cases of chronic virus hepatitis B (hepatitis B) with TCM clinical data were analyzed by(More)
In this paper, we provide machine scheduling problems with general deteriorating jobs and learning effect(GDJLE). The job processing time is a function of its starting time and its position in the sequence. Firstly, we explain that the job-position-based(JPB) learning and starting-time-based(STB) deteriorating models in the literature are exceptional cases(More)
The thesis analyzes the development problem of private cars’ amount in Beijing from the perspective of system dynamics. With the flow chart illustrating the relationships of relevant elements, the SD model is established by VENSIM to simulate the growth trend of private autos’ amount in the future on the background of “Public Transportation First” policy(More)
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