Guang-jun Wang

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The specificity of acupuncture points (acupoints) is one of the key concepts in traditional acupuncture theory, but the question of whether there is adequate scientific evidence to prove or disprove specificity has been vigorously debated in recent years. Laterality, or the tendency for acupoints on the right or left side of the body to produce different(More)
Meridian theory is a major part of Chinese medicine and has guided acupuncture and clinical practice for thousands of years. Meridian theory describes many important concepts about the rules of human body function and regulation, but has comparatively huge differences with the basic concepts of modern medicine. These differences have caused deep concern and(More)
Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among children. Two recent genome-wide association studies and several replicated studies have provided convincing evidence that inherited genetic variation in ARID5B contributes to childhood ALL predisposition. In the present study, we performed a meta-analysis to(More)
Extracellular matrix (ECM) of myocardium plays an important role to maintain a multilayered helical architecture of cardiomyocytes. In this study, we have characterized the structural and biomechanical properties of porcine myocardial ECM. Fresh myocardium were decellularized in a rotating bioreactor using 0.1 % sodium dodecyl sulfate solution. Masson's(More)
Background. Acupoints (belonging to 12 meridians) which have the same names are symmetrically distributed on the body. It has been proved that acupoints have certain biological specificities different from the normal parts of the body. However, there is little evidence that acupoints which have the same name and are located bilaterally and symmetrically(More)
The goal of this study was to observe possible changes of the skin microvascular perfusion on the acupoints and related areas and to quantify influences of acupuncture stimulation on the volunteers' blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV). During the measurement, the needling sensations of volunteers were enquired and recorded. Ten(More)
Acupoint laterality is defined as the non-equivalence effect and the diversity of intermediate links resulted from stimulating isonym acupoints on the different side respectively. This kind of study is the important supplement to acupoint specificity and can provide the basis for acupoint selection in clinical practice. On the other side, acupoints(More)
The cloning, expression and purification of the glutathione (sulfur) import system ATP-binding protein (gsiA) was carried out. The coding sequence of Escherichia coli gsiA, which encodes the ATP-binding protein of a glutathione importer, was amplified by PCR, and then inserted into a prokaryotic expression vector pWaldo-GFPe harboring green fluorescent(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe effects of electroacupuncture of different frequencies on morphological changes of nervous tissues and electromyogram (EMG) of skeletal muscles in regeneration,so as to find more proper parameters of electroacupuncture. METHODS The nerve regeneration chamber was built after the sciatic nerve was transected, and acupuncture was given(More)
Objective. The correlation between meridians and organs (Zang-fu) is an important aspect of meridian theory. The objective of this paper is to investigate the pathological changes in the organs resulting from blocking low hydraulic resistance channel (LHRC) along the stomach meridian by injecting gel in pigs so as to offer some insight into the correlation(More)