Guang-hui Cai

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As for ρ∗-mixing sequences of random variables, Bryc and Smoleński [1] established the moments inequality of partial sums. Peligrad [10] obtained a CLT and established an invariance principles. Peligrad [11] established the Rosenthal-type maximal inequality. Utev and Peligrad [16] obtained invariance principles of nonstationary sequences. As for negatively(More)
Strong laws are established for linear statistics that are weighted sums of a random sample. We show extensions of the Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund strong laws under certain moment conditions on both the weights and the distribution. These not only generalize the result of Bai and Cheng (2000, Statist Probab Lett 46: 105-112) to rho*-mixing sequences of random(More)
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