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Online auctions are one of the most effective ways of negotiation of salable goods over the internet. Software agents are increasingly being used to represent humans in online auctions. These agents can systematically monitor a wide variety of auctions and can make rapid decisions about what bids to place in what auctions. To be successful in open(More)
High-performance panchromatic organic photodetectors (OPDs) containing small molecules lead phthalocyanine (PbPc) and C70 fullerene as donor and acceptor, respectively, were demonstrated. The OPDs had either a PbPc/C70 planar heterojunction (PHJ) or a PbPc/PbPc:C70/C70 hybrid planar-mixed molecular heterojunction (PM-HJ) structure. Both the PHJ and the(More)
This paper presents a novel mathematical model with multidrug-resistant MDR and undetected TB cases. The theoretical analysis indicates that the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable if R0 < 1; otherwise, the system may exist a locally asymptotically stable endemic equilibrium. The model is also used to simulate and predict TB epidemic(More)
White light is emitted by an organic light-emitting diode by inserting two blend layers of m-MTDATA:Al(DBM)(3) and TPD:Bphen between an m-MTDATA hole-transporting layer and a Bphen electron-transporting layer, where m-MTDATA, TPD, Al(DBM)(3), and Bphen are 4,4('),4('')-tris[methylpheny(phenyl)amino]-triphenylamine,(More)
OBJECTIVES The widespread application of chest compression (CC) as a first aid measure inevitably has the potential for both harm and benefit. The present study was therefore undertaken to design an optimal CC closed-loop control strategy (OCCCS) for mechanical CC devices that will present an effective trade-off between the risk of chest injury and the(More)
To have a thorough understanding of the CPR quality based on patients' various physiological states, the doctors must do something to simulate the chest compression physiological feedback parameters (CCPFP). The CCPFP simulation plays an important role in raising efficiency of CPR training and improving chest compression quality. In this study, the CCPFP,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The rapid increase in the number of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) cases worldwide emphasizes the importance of rational use of key important life-saving second-line anti-TB drugs such as fluoroquinolones. In order to provide information for better case management, so as to minimize the further spread of extensively(More)