Guang Yao Zhang

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Social relationships such as friendship and partner choice are ruled by the proximity principle, which states that the more similar two individuals are, the more likely they will become friends. However, proximity, similarity, and friendship are concepts with blurred edges and imprecise grades of membership. This study shows how to simulate these friendship(More)
In this paper we regard legged locomotion (e.g., running) as adaptive vibration, which is capable of adapting to changes in internal parameters and in the external environment. We propose control concepts for such adaptive running in general, and present a theoretical study of the bounding locomotion of a quadruped robot according to the proposed control(More)
—This paper proposed a novel algorithm for real-time pedestrian detection based on the road user trajectory recognition. Frame series captured from the video stream are used to compose the object trajectory presenting basic features including width, speed, and length. The triangular fuzzy numbers are used for the feature description and decision reference.(More)
Automatic and real-time monitoring of the deformation and instability of slopes and crags is an effective means to predict landslide and other geological disasters. It helps grasp the disaster rules, make a timely qualitative or quantitative safety evaluation, and minimize the disaster occurence and damage. The ZigBee-based WSN (Wireless Sensor Network)(More)
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