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Previous studies in our laboratory have demonstrated that alternating current (AC) iontophoresis can significantly decrease skin electric resistance and enhance the transport of charged permeants across skin. Flux variability of neutral permeants during AC iontophoresis was also found to be less than that of conventional direct current (DC) iontophoresis.(More)
Previous studies in our laboratory have demonstrated that skin electrical resistance can be controlled by an alternating current (AC) electric field. By maintaining constant skin resistance, AC iontophoresis has been shown to reduce the iontophoretic flux variability of neutral permeants. Recently, it was found that symmetric square-wave AC could enhance(More)
Previous studies in our laboratory have shown that enhanced, constant permeant fluxes across human skin can be achieved by applying an alternating current (AC) to maintain skin electrical conductance at a constant level. Relative to conventional direct current (DC) iontophoresis, for which current is maintained at a constant level, this newly developed(More)
Psathyrostachys huashanica Keng, which is endemic to China, only distributes in Mt. Hua of Shaanxi Province. 5 enzyme systems coding 13 loci were analyzed in 13 subpopulations of P. huashanica from Mt. Hua. Allozyme analysis showed that high genetic variability and clonal diversity existed in the species. Mean proportions of polymorphic loci (95%(More)
One of the primary safety and tolerability limitations of direct current iontophoresis is the potential for electrochemical burns associated with the necessary current densities and/or application times required for effective treatment. Alternating current (AC) transdermal iontophoresis has the potential to eliminate electrochemical burns that are(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the feasibility of using an internal standard approach to predict the transdermal flux of phenylalanine (Phe) across human epidermal membrane (HEM) in vitro during iontophoresis of constant direct current (DC), constant skin resistance alternating current (AC) with DC offset (AC-plus-DC), symmetric constant resistance(More)
This study was on the influence of the mineral phase crystallite microstrain (CM) on the nature of the surface complex (SC) governing the metastable equilibrium solubility (MES) behavior of carbonated apatites (CAPs) in aqueous acidic media (0.10 M acetate buffers, with and without fluoride, 0.50 M ionic strength maintained with NaCl). The MES behavior of a(More)
PURPOSE As a continuing effort to understand the mechanisms of alternating current (AC) transdermal iontophoresis and the iontophoretic transport pathways in the stratum corneum (SC), the objectives of the present study were to determine the interplay of AC frequency, AC voltage, and iontophoretic transport of ionic and neutral permeants across human(More)
By using the data of two spacecraft, TC-1 and ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer), a statistical study on the correlations between plasma sheet and solar wind has been carried out. The results obtained show that the plasma sheet at geocentric distances of about 9∼13.4 Re has an apparent driving relationship with the solar wind. It is found that (1) there is(More)
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