Guang Xing Wang

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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) design requires multidisciplinary approach in the field of wireless communication, embedded systems, networking, digital signal processing, hardware and software engineering. Major factors to influence the WSNs design are hardware and software constraints, scalability, cost, transmission media, network topology and power(More)
A data parallel computer architecture model based on the reconfigurable bus is proposed. First, for the problems existing in the modern multimedia processing, one dimensional processing element array architecture based on the reconfigurable bus is put forward; secondly, the communication module and the data transmission mode between each processing element(More)
this paper presents a new SVM algorithm framework optimized by PSO algorithm. The value of parameters in the SVM has great influence on the performance of regression model. In previous works the choice of these parameters mainly depends on the experience. In our work PSO algorithm was used to optimize these parameters to form a new SVM framework –(More)
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